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04 Mar

When it comes to impressing someone, your muscular arms are the ones that come to your rescue. Those flamboyant arms about to rip apart your sleeves add oomph to your sturdy built. Triceps forming two-thirds of your upper arms mass are often underrated as people work on more their biceps. Ironically, well-built triceps are directly proportional to vein-popping muscular arms. This blog discusses everything you need to know about triceps followed by some of the best exercises, the integration of which in your workout regime can help you build gigantic triceps.

Three-headed muscle on the back of your arm, triceps is attached to the upper arm and shoulder joint at three places; so, it has three heads (the lateral head, the medial head, and the long head) which justify its name tri-ceps. It facilitates the extension of the forearm upon the elbow joints.  Other than this primary function, triceps allow several pressing movements required in some of the most essential exercises like pulldowns, flyes, and bench press. Inadequate triceps strength may limit the movements of your presses. Therefore, working out on your triceps in the gym becomes a mandatory part of your rigorous exercise regime.

So without further ado, here goes the list of the triceps exercises:

Close-grip Bench Press

An apt exercise to overload your triceps and work on your shoulder as well as chest, the close-grip bench press can stimulate growth and strength. To do it, hold the bar on the inside of the knurling. Keep your back arched to allow space between your lower back and the bench. Now, pull the bar off the rack and bring it down to your sternum, tucking your elbows about 450 to your sides. The moment bar touches your body, pause and while pushing your feet hard towards the floor, press the bar back up to the initial position.

Triceps Dips

Here, work your triceps against a much heavier load than required in a triceps-isolating exercise as you lift your entire body weight. To do this, lift yourself on the parallel bars keeping your torso perpendicular to the floor. Bend your knees and cross your ankles. Steadily, bring your body down until your shoulder joints are at a lower level than your elbows. Now, push yourself back up until your elbows are straight.

Rope Triceps Pushdown

This exercise works wonder, especially for your triceps. You are advised not to use too much weight as it may serve you no purpose. For this, you need a rope handle attached to the high pulley of a cable station. Keeping your shoulders width-apart, bend your arms and grab the bar with an overhand grip. Let your upper arms tucked to your sides. Now, push the bar down until the locked elbows position is reached. Do this without moving your upper arms. Then, come back to the initial position slowly.

Overhead Triceps Extension

Of the three heads of the triceps muscle, the last head called the long head is rarely being worked upon. This exercise helps to accomplish this. You need a dumbbell and a bench to do this exercise. Sit on the bench and hold one dumbbell. Now, with both hands, grip the top end of the weight, forming the diamond shape. Lift the dumbbell over your head while maintaining your elbows up and core tight. Bring it down the top of your back by bending your elbow. Fully extend your arms to raise the weight, and then pause to squeeze at the top of the movement.

Tate Press

This is also an important exercise for your triceps. For this, lie on your back on a bench and hold the dumbbells in each hand. Keep your arms extended over your chest and your palms facing your feet. Let your elbows point outward. Bend your elbows to bring down the dumbbells to nearly your chest. Then, extend your elbows.

Lying Triceps Extension (Skull Crusher)

Being very simple and effective, this triceps workout has become the staple of bodybuilding. This works on the long and lateral heads of your triceps. To do this, hold the EZ bar and extend your arms straight up. While letting your elbows fixed and tucked inwards, gently lower the bar until it is an inch away from your forehead. Next, extend your arms back to the initial position, keeping your elbows unlocked.

03 Mar

Legs are considered as the building blocks of the body. According to many bodybuilders and gym instructors, legs and thighs are the most important parts of the body that need proper toning and exercise. A body is said to be well shaped if the legs and thighs are well toned. Strong legs help in the overall balance of the body. Thus in the bodybuilding universe, leg day is considered as the most important day. It should also be noted that leg exercises mainly consist of exercises meant for the thighs. So, to tone the legs, we need to know about thigh workout. So this article will provide the ways and the importance of the various thigh exercises in general.

Now, before talking about the various thigh exercises, we must talk about the different thigh muscles. The thigh of human beings consists of various muscles. The thigh has three sets of muscles namely the hamstring muscles, the quadriceps and the adductor muscles. The hamstring and the quadriceps help in the movement of the leg while the adductor muscles pull the legs together. These sets of muscles require a lot of maintenance. So let us now discuss about the various thigh exercises and the proper ways of doing those exercises.

Thigh exercises can be performed anywhere. The best thing about leg exercise is that they do not require special equipments every time. We can do these exercises in the gym or at our homes. So, some of the most common thigh exercises are as follows:-

  1. Squats:-  Squats are the most common of the various thigh exercises. Squats require nothing at all. It is considered as one of the most basic of all exercises. Though basic but it is very much effective in producing good results. The proper way of doing a squat is as follows:-
  2. Bend the knees keeping them aligned with the toes.
  3. Keep the back straight and the spine neutral.
  4. Now slowly go downwards till a pressure is felt at the back of the thighs. Hold on to that position for a few seconds. Inhale during this process.
  5. Now move upwards at a fast pace till you are fully upright. Inhale during this phase.
  6. Repeat these for the reps.

Squats can be done at any time. They can be also done for warming up. Generally, squats are done in 3-4 sets with 10-12 reps in each of them. For more strengthening, barbells can be used for doing squats.

  1. Lunges:- Lunges are another set of exercises which are good for the legs. Lunges strengthen the quads, glutes and hamstrings. They are also helpful in shaping the butt. To do lunges,
  2. Keep one leg bent forward and another straight. The bent knee should not cross the toes.
  3. Feel the pressure on the back of the legs .
  4. Now slowly go downwards till you can touch the ground with the knee of your straight leg.
  5. Now go upwards with inhaling.
  6. Repeat the steps for the sets and follow these steps for the other leg too.

Lunges are somewhat same as squats. They can be done in sets of 3-4 with 10-12 reps in each set for each leg. Barbells and weights can be used for putting extra pressure.

  1. Plank Leg Lifts:- This exercise is a multi-strengthening exercise. It strengthens the thighs, the core, the back and the hips. This is a simple exercise and it does not require any machinery. The process of doing it is as follows:-
  2. Start of in the plank position with your hands right below your shoulders.
  3. Now lift one leg by keeping it straight till pressure is felt in the back of the thighs.
  4. Lower the leg.
  5. Do the same with the other leg and keep on repeating.

Plank leg lifts are easy and very engaging. They should be done at a regular basis. This exercise can be done in 2-3 sets taking 30-60 seconds in each set.

  1. Box Jumps:- Box jumps are very popular. In every gym we can people perform this exercise. This exercise only requires a box or some object which can be used as a box. The way of doing box jumps is also very simple. All you need to do is get a box or any object that reaches your hips. Now take a squatting position and jump on the box. Get upright when get on the box, then jump down and do it again. Do these for 10-12 repetitions for 3-4 sets.

Box jumps require a lot of energy. They can also be categorized as a full body workout. Box jumps target the thighs, calves, hips and the core.

  1. Dead lift:- Though dead lift is considered as an exercise for the back but dead lifts are good for the thighs too. This exercise is a little bit risky compared to the other exercises mentioned. It requires a perfect posture. The dead lift is considered as the king of all exercises. It is one of the major strength-building exercises. In dead lift, you have to lift a weighted barbell with equal weights on both sides. The back should be kept strong and the spine neutral. Inhale while lifting the weight and hold the position after reaching the upright position. Now put down the weight keeping the body strong without any jerking movement.

                Dead lifts should be done in 2-3 sets with 3-5 reps in each set. A gym belt is strongly recommended for this exercise.

It helps to tone up your thighs and legs and also helps to strengthen it. This exercise has many variations and one of the most common is to balance the body on the feet and hands. It strengthens your butt muscles as well as the muscles of the thighs. It also strengthens your core abdomen.

Apart from these exercises there are some stretching exercises which will help you to tone up your thighs-

  1. Downward facing dog

This helps to stretch the shoulders, hamstrings, calves, arms and arches. It also relieves the stress and calms the brain. In addition to all this, it also strengthens the arms and hands and energizes your body.

  1. Seated toe touch

This stretches your thigh muscles and strengthen it. It also stretches your back and boost circulation. It enhances your flexibility and tones up your thighs. You must try to reach as far as you can and try to touch your toes but don’t do it forcefully.

  1. Chair pose

This stretching exercise helps you to strengthen your hamstrings, calves, hips and back. It has a great advantage of reducing the symptoms of flat feet. Stimulates the heart, diaphragm and abdominal organs.

  1. Warrior I

This is another leg stretching exercise and is very effective in strengthening your arms, legs and thighs and energises the entire body. It promotes good circulation and respiration, it improves your body balance and stability.

You may also perform the following activities which will help you to tone up your thighs faster and will also help to make them more stronger.

  1. You must walk more whenever you can. Walking is one of the best exercise to tone thighs and legs. As you get use to of walking longer, you must start walking faster and then prefer jogging and running.
  2. Another way to tone up your thighs is to do cycling. It is a high intensity workout and best way to tone your legs faster and strengthens your muscles.
  3. Dance, is the most fun and loveable activity to perform and an easy and fun way to tone up your thighs faster. It improves heart rate and improves body balance.
  4. Another way to tone up your thighs is to do jumping rope.

Summary:-These are the exercises that are commonly performed all over the world for the strengthening of the legs and thighs. These exercises are greatly beneficial and should be done regularly. Other than the mentioned exercises, several other thigh exercises are prevalent in the world of bodybuilding. But these above-mentioned exercises are common and productive.

It should also be taken into notice that thighs can also be exercised through our daily activities. Walking, running, cycling, taking stairs all work on the toning of the legs.

24 Feb

Keeping a healthy routine is necessary for all however athletes to need to stick more to it for keeping up the pace with their workouts. A healthy body needs the right amount of calories and a proper athlete diet plan. The optimum amount of nutrients provides strength and stamina in the body. Since they practice intense training, therefore, it becomes necessary to prepare a diet chart for athletes. By just doing training your body won’t work properly you need proper food to make it go. Muscle Fibre has therefore introduced articles for all those who want to gain most out of your workout regime. The proper diet plan for runners has been drawn up for athletes to follow. Your body has a tendency to shed those nutrients while working out so you need to fill them with more. You can also supplement it with products by Muscle Fibre India since it becomes difficult to attain all the nutrients from food.

Hydrate Your Body

First and foremost all those doing rigorous exercise should keep their body hydrated. Water is important, as the body continues to consume the volume that has already been processed. Apart from water adding fruits and veggies that have enough water content also counts. You should supplement your diet with oranges watermelons, radishes, spinach, and dates. They provide the maximum amount of water the body needs. This helps to make you feel fresh and healthy too. To stay fit, athletes must drink about 1 ounce per body weight in a day.

Enough Nutrients and Supplements

Intense training tends to require more amount of nutrients, therefore, the optimum amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats should be added to the diet. Carbohydrates provide the best amount of energy to the body so athletes should add brown rice, quinoa, and vegetables for it. Sometimes our body tends to use all the energy from carbohydrates and turn towards fat for more. Therefore it gets necessary to add fat-related food such as nuts, avocado, vegetable oil to your diet to keep on running. However, avoid taking fats on the day of your performance. Protein provides energy to the body as well as extra muscles. Meat and fish contain the optimum amount of protein and for those who cannot take these can add Whey Protein by Muscle Fibre to their diet to gain the benefits. Protein helps relieve muscle soreness and rebuild them after strength training.

Breakfast Meal

The first meal of the day is most important as it helps in providing energy for the day. Though the diet plan may vary from person to person owing to the preferences and training the standard diet is almost the same for all. Oatmeal, eggs, pancakes, whole wheat bread, low-fat milk and fruit as an antioxidant is the necessary meal for the body. If you do your training early in the morning it gets difficult to have a breakfast meal, in that case you can take a quick snack like a banana with low-fat milk or even a handful of nuts.

Snacks For The Run

The body needs more healthy food to keep it going the whole day. The time between two meals is when you should be taking a healthy snack. You should add yogurt fruits to your snacks. The energy bar also helps because it keeps you full and also provides sufficient energy.

Lunch Meal

A mixture of carbs and proteins is required at noontime meal. If you’re training on that particular day, that becomes necessary. Carbs and protein help to restore energy and to repair wounded muscles. It will also provide the endurance power needed for the training session. Brown rice may be added to the diet, along with meat or fish. Vegans should stick to brown rice leafy vegetables, or even take a chickpea vegetable salad.

Dinner Meal

After a day’s training the dinner calls for lightweight but sufficient energy food. Make sure you take the dinner three hours before you go to sleep. The suitable time is from 7-8 pm. You can take green veggies with brown rice again, or add lean meat instead of the veggies. A little yogurt bowl with steamed vegetables. Ensure that you don’t eat too much as it can hamper your sleep. Better food allows for better sleep.


Apart from food athletes also require supplements as they do not get enough nutrition to form their everyday diet. Supplements like Whey Protein, BCAA, Creatine, Electrolyte, and Caffeine. You will find these ingredients in supplements by Muscle Fibre which are easily available on their website at affordable prices. Whey protein can be taken in the form of a shake or can even be added in your breakfast oatmeal. Whey provides essential amino acids that are required by the body to boost metabolism. You can take whey protein shake 30 minutes before or after a workout. Muscle Fibre Pre-Workout too can be taken 30 minutes before your training. It adds extra energy to the body and provides endurance power. Muscle Fibre Glucose contains electrolyte and other essential ingredients that recover the body from the loss of energy during training. It can be taken during training pr after that to fill the body with a spark of energy.

Things To Acknowledge

  • Take proper rest during the training and performance phase The optimal amount of sleep helps the body remain energized all day long. The body needs a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep to keep it running.
  • Always take recommendations from your coach or trainer for a diet plan as they may know your body type and the training routine you would be following.
  • Do not overeat something already listed above. Sticking to a certain amount is very important to get a better result.
  • Meditation is also necessary as it helps to focus and relieves body stress of any kind.
22 Jan

If you are looking for building a body and whole food does not complete your nutritional value, supplements are best suited for you. Muscle Fibre India continues to improve your daily workout routine with another post. With your gym sessions, you may not be happy as you may quickly get exhausted and have muscle cramps. Muscle Fibre India provides bodybuilding supplements for all you fitness freaks to add to your diet for improved results. If you don’t add vitamins to your diet, going to the gym isn’t going to help. Muscle fibre supplement online India provides essential supplements at affordable rates for all those who are looking forward to gaining extra mass in their muscles.


 Protein Powder is the muscle mass supplement that is best recommended. Muscle Fibre Whey Protein adds extra muscles to your body. Whey is a milk by-product and contains all the nine amino acids required for muscle growth. It’s easy to digest, leaving your tummy full. Whey protein has also been shown to help reduce body fats and therefore lose weight. At one time, approximately 20 grams of protein is appropriate.


A fitness enthusiast who performs intensive exercise is recommended to take caffeine as it boosts their performance and also keeps them focused. Taking about 150 mg of caffeine for the best results at least an hour before a workout. It is also recommended to use caffeine as it has proven to reduce body fats. Muscle Fibre Glucose contains caffeine and other basic bodybuilding ingredients.


 The best protein to be used for muscle gain is branched-chain amino acids (BCAA). They consist mainly of three groups of amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, andvaline. These are best taken after exercise because these alleviate muscle cramps, heal muscle injury and do not cause tiredness. BCAA can also be taken in 5-6 grams before a workout. However, if whey protein is already added in your diet, it is advisable not to add BCAA as whey provides enough protein.


One of the amino acid components, Glutamine helps reduce fat in the body while maintaining lean muscle. Also, avoiding any kind of infection has been proven and boosts strength, giving an edge to your performance. Glutamine heals muscles that have been damaged and also helps with muscle cramps. Muscle Fibre Glucose contains glutamine which can be taken before or after an intensive workout.

muscle fibre glucose

Supplements help in recovery and maintaining, muscle strength, however, it is always important to consult your fitness coach for the right supplement suited for your body and its dosage. Supplements along with a proper nutritious meal and exercise with weights, you will surely see the result you have been working so hard for.


 Mostly creatine is ideal for vigorous exercise. This adds energy and muscle mass to the body. It is said to increase the body’s water content, which eventually adds more muscles. Creatine applied to your diet improves the strength of your workout. It also helps in forming adenosine triphosphate (ATP) that breaks during workouts to produce more energy.

Weight Gainer

 Some people focus on weight loss, but bodybuilders work mainly to gain extra weight. It led them to have a better performance in the gym and a buff body. The metabolism of certain people does not allow them to gain weight, therefore weight gain supplements are provided for easy gain.  Mass gainers are predominantly rich in protein, carbs, and amino acids that contribute to anabolism. In daily intake, it has been recommended to add about 90 grams of protein. Creatine also helps to increase weight and efficiency.


It is said that this supplement is given to those who want to gain weight while retaining muscle mass. Carnitine turns the fat into energy and strenuous workouts addsvigor to the body. This helps to reduce heart failure risks and is the perfect vegetarian supplement. It also helps in increasing oxygen supply in the body and reduces soreness in muscles after a workout.


 This supplement provides the body with energy and muscle strength. Beta-alanine is highly beneficial for high-intensity interval training, thereby reducing fatigue as well. Muscle Fibre Pre-workout supplement has a minimal amount of this component present in it.


 Arginine is one of the amino acids that help with muscle injury healing. It is also appropriate to bring blood to the muscles. Arginine occurs naturally in your body but sometimes deficiency of it is fulfilled by supplements containing this amino acid. Arginine helps in treating heart ailments, reducing blood pressure and also maintaining sugar level in the body.  The Muscle Fibre Whey and Pre-Workout supplement contain the required amount of this ingredient.


A high-grade protein supplement contains all the essential amino acids that are required for the body that does intensive workouts. Aminos aid in muscle growth as well as improving the body’s strength. As the body performs vigorous workouts, it is the best source for cutting down fats in the body. To get the perfect physique, it is mostly recommended for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. All Muscle Fibre India supplements have this component in them.

15 Jan

A muscle builder will never forget to keep a protein shake in his bag. Proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids are the most essential macronutrients required for any average human body. But, if your goal is to show-off your sturdy biceps, then you should need more of these nutrients. As the name goes, macronutrients are those which are needed for the body in large amounts. They provide the required energy to the body and are stored in the body to later use it as a source of energy. Let us now understand the importance of protein for muscle growth.


Let’s explore the ‘Protein’!

Protein is one of the most vital nutrients for muscle building. Amino acids are the basis for proteins. The amino acid is an organic compound composed of nitrogen, sulphur, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. Proteins are not produced in the body, so it is essential to intake externally. But, muscles and tissues are made up of proteins and therefore, the right amount of protein intake keeps your immune system stable and helps in metabolism. The whey protein powder offered by Muscle Fibre India is of premium quality and of affordable price.

The best protein for muscle growth

Protein can be derived from various sources such as meat, fish, egg, cheese, milk, seeds, yogurt, nuts, grains, cereals, beans, and legumes. The best protein is decided based on Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score(PDCAAS). It is the method in which the standard of protein is rated based on the human requirement of amino acid and his ability to digest it. According to PDCAAS, if the score of a particular protein is 1, then it is the high standard protein. The three foods that have got a brilliant score of 1, containing all the important digestible amino acids are egg white, soy and whey proteins.

What proteins actually do?

Active trainers like athletes, body-builders need at least 1.2-2g per kg body weight of protein depending on the type of training. After a heavy workout in the gym, muscle tissues are broken. These muscle tissues are made up of proteins. So, an external intake of proteins helps in the repair of these damaged tissues and their speedy recovery. Proteins do not directly participate in the fat-burning process. They add mass to the muscles. Upon suitable weight training, they build muscles and assist in weight loss.

A large intake of diets containing proteins can be harmful as well. Reducing carbohydrates and fats can cause constipation, heart disease, kidney failure, dehydration and many more. Therefore, it is advisable to plan a balanced diet of all three macronutrients.

It is obvious that a body-builder needs more nutrition than the food can give him. That is when the nutrition supplements come into the picture. Using these supplements, it helps to meet the nutrition needs of a body-builder. Excluding animal sources, other protein sources include whey, hemp, and soy.

Whey protein is the most famous among the active trainers. It is also called as the complete protein since it contains all the 8 crucial amino acids. It is the by-product obtained in the production of cheese. Besides helping in muscle mass, whey protein has its own benefits:

  • Acts as a fat-burning machine.
  • Protects from cancer.
  • Builds immunity in people suffering from asthma.
  • Reduces the risk of heart diseases and stroke.
  • Reduces blood pressure.

Hemp protein is obtainable as seeds, milk, and powder. They are from the cannabis sativa plant. They are lavishly contained with good fatty acids and fiber. They act as antioxidants, heal numerous ailments and improves the condition of heart, joints, and skin.

Soy protein is separated from soybeans. They are the only non-animal based food that contains 8 amino acids. They are also rich in fiber, calcium, iron, and vitamins.

13 Jan

Whey protein is a post-workout supplement that has been shown to offer medical benefits to those who want a buff body. The Muscle Fibre Whey Protein provides a combination of amino acids that is helpful for muscle repairing and fuel workout performance. Muscle Fiber India has launched Whey Protein, which is recommended for both men and women who with growing age experience muscle loss.

 This milk by-product is taken after an intense workout and is advised everywhere by fitness coaches. Muscle Fibre in India is one such brand that not only provides health beneficial supplements but also gives a detailed version of its benefits and dosage. Let’s get to work by understanding more advantages of Muscle Fibre Whey Protein, as Science has confirmed.

Increase The Size Of Muscle

Muscle Fibre Whey Protein is the simplest supplement to improve muscle size. It helps to strengthen the muscle, to resist muscle cramps and also to improve muscle size.  Before a workout, taking Whey Protein adds vigor to the body and taking it after workout results in quick blood flow in the muscles. It’s the amino acid that works to make muscles stronger.

Lowers High Blood Pressure

Whey Protein has been shown to reduce people’s high blood pressure. It was noted that those who take whey protein during a meal tend to have a lower blood pressure than those who do not. High blood pressure is usually a factor in impaired functioning of the heart.

Body Composition

Our body tends to weaken with growing age and even for those doing exercises, supplements like Muscle Fibre Whey Protein will add vigor to the body. This helps to maintain muscle mass and helps to reduce fats as well. It has been clinically proven that people who have taken whey protein have retained their body weight yet have increased muscle mass. It is also recommended for people suffering from a steady weight loss as it will preserve the muscle of the body. Leucine present in Whey protein amino acids aids in anabolism or development of the muscle. Our body tends to weaken with growing age and even for those doing exercises, supplements like Whey Protein will add vigor to the body.

For Losing Weight

Research has shown that for obese people, Whey Protein has helped to reduce fat. It can be used as a smoothie for breakfast and leaves you satiated all day long. The amino acid in it helps to fight excessive hunger and keeps you active throughout the day.

Boosts Immunity

Overall Muscle Fibre Whey Protein has been proven to fuel the body with essential compounds that help in boosting immunity. The proteins consist of α-lactalbumin, β-lactoglobulin, serum albumin and immunoglobulins that have been studied to fight infections and even cancerous cells, help increase immunity and vigor in the body.

Maintains Blood Sugar Level

Whey protein consumption has shown lower levels of blood sugar in type 2 diabetes. Certain times, blood sugar rises post-meal, therefore whey protein is suggested to be taken during meals to control sugar levels in the body. Before a high carb meal, whey protein can be taken that will reduce the sugar level.

Improves Liver Health

The liver is the most essential body part that produces bile for digestion, breaks down fats, maintains cholesterol level and removes toxins from the blood. Whey protein helps reduce the risk of the fatty liver while maintaining the health of the liver. Cholesterol also increases heart risk, but thanks to Whey Protein, which also protects our heart.

Dosage of Whey Protein

Depending on the activities carried out by each person, it has been recommended to add at least 30 to 60 grams of whey protein to your diet. Nonetheless, if you have any reaction, it is best to consult your doctor.  A high level of protein is recommended for fitness enthusiasts because they undergo more muscle injury. It is also recommended that pregnant women take protein for their internal growth as well as for the wellbeing of their child.  Those with lactose intolerant, however, should not take Whey protein as they may have bowel problems.

11 Jan

When it comes to fitness and attempting to remain fit, the process is quite toiling. Hours of workout, overcoming the laziness and coming out of your comfort zone and the post-workout muscle stress and pain. It is a general fact that without any supplement or similar assistance you cannot grab all 100 percent from your workout. That is when Muscle Fibre enters the market. In this article, we will talk about the different aspects of Muscle Fiber India, about the Muscle Fibre pre-workout plans and products and the different other features and facilities they provide.

There are few ingredients which are very important to make Preworkout more advanced and it usually judged on 4 aspects i.e. Focus, Strength, Nutrition and Taste. Our Muscle Fiber Pre workout is a blend of all the 4 aspects and some of the ingredients that meet to achieve mentioned criterions are as follows:

  • Caffeine: Caffeine is recommended to improve the body’s vigor and focus on a particular exercise. It also helps to remove fats and relieves discomfort after an intensive workout.
  • Beta-alanine: Beta-alanine is said to reduce lactic acid in the body and enhance overall performance during workouts. This increases the level of carnosine in the body, which tends to improve the workout regime.
  • L-Citrulline: This ingredient is said to produce arginine that further helps in supplying blood to the entire body. It is also good for the heart and improvements in the gym’s efficiency.
  • L-Arginine: L-Arginine is one of the amino acids found in certain supplements. It helps to produce protein and also helps to reduce blood pressure or heart disease.
  • BCAA: Branched chained amino acids are the most important ingredient in supplements that help in muscle growth. This contains three essential amino acids added to your diet.
  • Creatine: The muscle has been shown to be powerful and it also adds strength to the body. Creatine is primarily recommended for those who do high-intensity exercise.
  • Betaine: Betaine works to protect the heart against any disease. It is used primarily to treat homocysteine as well as to boost energy.

Muscle Fibre India is a vividly emerging nutrition entity. Established in the year 2018, this online service is steered by the Supplement Sack Private Limited, a reliable nutritional supplement distributor.  We provide different pre-workout supplements that are necessary to boost up your performance and improve your workout results. Comprising ingredients like caffeine, creatine, argentine, beta-alanine, nitric acid, vitamins, minerals, etc. that help stimulate energy levels, a pre-workout supplement also boosts metabolism and improves muscle endurance.  It is considered a necessary supplement for bodybuilders and athletes who invest a lot of time working out. The presence of L-Citrulline helps in muscle recovery after an arduous workout. Only if an authentic pre-workout supplement is consumed will you be able to enjoy its benefits. The pre-workout supplement offered by us is a 100% genuine product catering to the needs and interests of its consumers.

 We provide a professional approach in our work of providing ideal pre-workout supplements. The products are clinically test guided by the standard of FSSAI and NSF guidelines, which means you do not have to worry about the authenticity of the products. You can find the following Muscle Fibre pre-workout supplements on the website.

  1. The 100 percent premium whey protein (chocolate flavor), when you need to stand out from your competitors.
  2. The world’s best pre-workout Fibre Pump to get an amazing pump within just a few minutes. It comes in three flavors- Blue raspberry, fruit punch, and orange punch.
  3. Fibre fuel with the most advanced caffeine based glucose on the planet for that perfect energy. It is available in orange flavor and lemon flavor.

Our organization is run by a team of curated team of professionals who are experienced in this field.  These professionals are the prime confidante of this website that assures quality checks at each stage of the products being manufactured and delivered to you so that you get the best services and similarly help you in reaching your individual fitness goals.

We also have tie-up with the Tirupati wellness group of manufacturers who have been a trusted name in the field of producing nutritional supplement products. We deal with reputable logistic partners to make sure that you get your product on time without any damage. This means that we assure you 100% authenticity and provide you with exactly what they promise without any adulteration.

With a motto to abide by the expectations of their customers, they focus on building stronger and trustable relationships with their customers. With the best customer service, they provide the products in every corner of the country so that they provide the best products to their customers and in the fastest way possible. They also do not charge any delivery charges in any part of the country.

With zero hidden charges and a promise of providing only the best to their customers, Muscle Fibre have destined themselves to look into the needs of every individual and also provide a fitness calculator for calorie count, body mass index, body fat index, calories burned and one rep max (calculates the weight the body can lift in one repetition). With the help of the professionals, we also provide workout plans on their website for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

08 Jan

Working out and maintaining a fitness regime will not only shape your body but also your mind. 

In this era of growing obesity, it is common to find people working hard to keep their body fit. But, finding someone who has a six pack abs is as scarce as hen’s teeth. Getting a six pack is not easy but not impossible either with a proper training and strategy and the right six pack abs exercise. It is also the best way to lose fat and get a flat belly. Training for six pack abs will also train your chest, back and shoulders. But hitting the gym everyday without proper diet plan is just futile. So, people let’s get started with the appropriate nutrition routine.

Diet, workout and repeat

There goes a famous saying that “Abs are formed within the kitchen, not within the gym”. So, here are few diet foods to be eaten for a healthy balance between your training and food. Proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats and minerals are just what you need for a nutritious diet. In addition to these you can implements the various bodybuilding supplements offered by Muscle Fibre India in your diet.

  • Eat more vegetables and fruits that give you fibre.
  • Always include a post-training protein shake.
  • Quinoa, oatmeal, salad, broccoli, brussels sprouts and mushrooms are some   

of the vegetarian diets if you are a vegetarian.

  • Healthy fats like olive oil, fish oil and avocados.
  • Avoid eating processed food and stick to home-made food.
  • ●      Drink lots of water since the workout makes your body dehydrated.

Now, people let’s get you ripped and shredded for a savage six pack abs. Check out these best six pack workouts at home.

Six Pack Exercise at home!

Workout 1: Abdominal crunches

This exercise helps to strengthen the core. It targets rectus abdominis which is a muscle when built helps in developing core muscles for performance and stability.


1)Lie down on your back on the floor with your knees bent on your feet.

2)Bring your hands behind your head to avoid spraining of your neck.

3)Lift your shoulder blades off the floor.

4)Return to your initial position slowly.

Workout 2: Leg raise

This workout targets the lower abs. It makes your lower back and hip strong and flexible.


1)Lie down on you back on the floor.

2)Let your arms at your sides and legs stretched straight.

3)Lift both legs up and keep it as straight as possible and the toes must be pointed outwards.

4)Return to the initial position in same pace.

Workout 3: Toe-touch crunch

This core building workout targets both lower and upper abs.


1)Lie down straight on the floor with your legs extended upwards.

3)Extend your arms straight.

4)Reach for your toes with your fingers by crunching up your torso.

5)Return slowly to the initial position.

Workout 4: Reverse crunch

This workout targets on the lower portion of the rectus abdominis.


1)Lie down on the floor with the traditional crunch position.

2)Let your feet and lower abdomen lay pressed to the ground.

3)Put your hands behind your head.

4)Bring your knees closer to your chest. At the same time, lifting your shoulder blades off the ground and bringing it towards your knees.

5)Return to your initial position slowly.

03 Jan

Why back exercises are important

With the schedule and the overall life of people nowadays getting more and more hectic, the exertion on a person’s body as well gets more and more. With the load on your body and the time period that your body has to operate for steadily increasing with the increasing workloads today, it becomes more and more imminent that you back which takes most of the load for the day, has more and more of a chance of getting injured. With the continuous working of the back, it constantly wears out until it may lead to pain among other problems for your back, Thus, it becomes all the more important to get yourself and your back ready for the day with the best back exercises for the day you can get.

What the workout will do for you

If you correctly follow the steps and the complete exercises we provide, you can be assured that you are getting the best back workout. This is not only limited to your back though, as this whole routine doesn’t just help your back to get stronger it also helps your overall physique making you fundamentally stronger from the base, and pushes you into a healthy culture and lifestyle, which will help you to further exercise and make your body feel even better.

You may find that following this routine may also boost you towards following exercises not only for the back but for the whole body as it makes you feel better. It opens your mind to the whole culture of keeping your body and mind healthy, which pushes you forward to a better lifestyle helping keep you fresh and going for the whole day.

The workout

These are the steps you have to follow to get the best back workouts to get your day started. This workout isn’t limited to strengthening your back for day-to-day work but also makes it look great in the process.

1) Renegade Row

This row is to maximize the utility of a position to its highest.  For this, a pair of dumbbells are used while you assume the position of a push-up, with one dumbbell in each hand. Now, as you perform a push-up when you reach the highest point, take one hand and perform a row, and then on the next push up, use the other hand.

2) Band Bent-Over Row

For this you need a band of low resistance, stand on its middle and grab one end of the band with each hand with an overhand grip. Now, bend your back and pull the bands at specific intervals including alternating pulling as close as the band allows to your chest and relaxing. Working against the band’s resistance allows you to strengthen your back.

3) Inverted Row

This is known to be especially good for the back, considering the work it makes the back do. For this, place a bar at around the height of your hip on a power rack. Lower your body to the ground, grab the bar with your hand with an overhand grip, with your hands directly above your shoulders. The rep is started by pulling your shoulder blades back. Fully extend your legs and pull the bar in order to lift your chest to the bar.

4) Chest Supported Dumbbell Row

For this, you have to sit on an incline bench with your chest facing the bench. Grab dumbbells in either hand with a neutral grip. Keep your chest strong and let your arms hang. Now back is squeezed as the weight is pulled into the hips with elbows being bent at 90 degrees.

5) Dumbbell Single Arm Row

Only one dumbbell is needed here. Place the dumbbell on the floor on the side at which you choose to work. Now mount the bench while putting your weight on the opposite knee and hand. Put the same side leg on the ground firmly and pick the dumbbell from the freehand and alternatively pulling it to the side of your torso, waiting for a count and then lowering the weight to the starting position.

6) Deadlift

For this, load a barbell and roll it up against your shins. Now, you have to bend both your knees and hip and grab the barbell with an overhand grip. All this is done, while your hands are at near shoulder width. Now, keeping your lower back arched, try to pull up your torso, while thrusting your hips ahead as you stand with your barbell. Lower the bar and repeat.

Thus, these are the best back workout in gym you can implement to strengthen your back preventing any injury or pain.

7). Pull-Ups

 A back and biceps pull-up exercise can be performed anywhere in the gym or outside where there is a bar just above your head. Your hands are meant to be apart while you hold the bar. Make sure not to touch the ground with your feet. Now pull your body up slowly with all your strength until your chin is above the bar, get down to the starting position. Do at least 8-10 pull-ups at first, then as it becomes easier you can raise the rounds. Pull-ups are the best back and bicep workout.

8). Close Grip Pull Down

Sit on a bench that faces a cable bar. Keep your legs in a position of 90 degrees near the cable machine where a pad is located. Now stretch out your arms and form a fine grip on the cable handle. Make sure not to separate your hands too much from each other. Now slowly pull the handle down to the upright position of your chest. Now release the tension slowly as you raise your arms slightly bent to the elbows. For 5-6 rounds, repeat this. This exercise puts pressure on your back to make them solid, including the biceps.

9). T-Bar Row

 The T-Bar Row exercise is the easiest to do if you want to strengthen your back without injury. Put the right weight on the bar to be lifted. Now stand over the bar and hang around the bar a handle row belt. Now at shoulder level, keep your legs slightly apart and bend your knees slowly lift the bar. You have to pull the weight to the upper abdomen. Return now to the starting position. This exercise will put pressure on your back, abdomen, and biceps, which will make it stronger.

10). Cable Row

 This exercise primarily improves the strength of your back and arms. It is done only opposite a cable machine in a seated position. Sit on the bench as you grab the cable’s end. You should bend your knees and put your arms straight. Pull the handle to the lower abdomen without bending the leg. Let the handle return to the same location, repeat for 8-10 rounds now. This is a perfect way to get back wider and better.

11). Pull Over

 This exercise is carried out on a bench in a lying position. It can be achieved with either a barbell or a dumbbell. Keep your knees bent while your shoulders are flexing. Now with your elbows slightly bent, lift the weight above your chest. Take the weight parallel to the ground at the back of your head. Move to the same spot and repeat 8-10 rounds or more. Pull over is more effective for the upper back muscle.

The Workout is not all you have to do

Remember that whenever you are participating in a workout of any nature, it should always be accompanied by a diet and a proper lifestyle for the workout. Depending on the workout you decide to participate in, it uses up some specific nutrients for your body, thus it is important to keep your body’s stock of those nutrients in order, for you to not feel exhausted or seeped out due to the workout. Thus, a diet needs to be followed in parallel to your workout in order to prevent you from lacking the nutrients being used up for the workout so you can feel ready for any situation you face.

02 Jan

The most capable and attractive part of upper body is the fit and fine shoulders. Shoulders are the most resourceful joints of the body that goes through most of the motion, not only during workouts but also in the day to day activities. People find lifting heavy weight and shoulder workouts, a high risk for the shoulders and end with serious injuries which might put off their workout routine for months. A famous sports scientist, the glute guy, Bret Contreras says -“If you think lifting is dangerous, try being weak. Being weak is dangerous”. However, shoulder workouts are absolutely essential when training for back and chest.

Therefore, strengthening your shoulder is surely a necessity.

Let’s explore the shoulder!

Shoulder workout is not only important to get a sculpted and attractive body image but also is a need to get stability and strength to avoid injuries. One of  the most fragile joints and mobile joints is shoulder joints since it allows the greatest amount of motion. When the muscles, helping these movements grow weaker, there is instability leading to injuries.

To make the muscles stronger and healthier, there is a need to train them. There are two important muscles deltoids- provides width to the upper body and rotator cuffs- helps to prevent injuries. There are three parts of deltoids, anterior, lateral and posterior deltoids, which are the reasons for the shape of the shoulder and most of its movements.

Here are the most efficient and effective workouts to get your shoulders into shape.

1) Arnold Press

The muscles involved in the elbow extension are triceps which help during this workout. This exercise is targeted for the front and side shoulder muscles.

How to do it?- Grab a pair of dumbbells and bring it to the height of your shoulder. The palms must face you. Press them above your head at the same time rotating your wrists in order to face your palms forward in the top. Going back to the starting position requires rotation of dumbells in the opposite direction.

2) Upright Row

It’s an efficient workout targeting your side deltoids and trapezius muscles also, front delts, rhomboids, and teres minor as synergists.

How to do it?-  Grab a barbell with a pronated grip with a little less than shoulder width. As you extend your arms, let the weight rest on top of your thighs with a slightly bent elbows and straightened back. Lift the bar, keeping it close to the body as you raise it,  with the help of your shoulder sides. Bring the barbell down slowly to the starting position.

3) Lateral Raise

The dumbbell lateral raise is the best way to strengthen the deltoids and its three heads.

How to do it?-  Grab a pair of dumbbells with your palms facing inward and hang them on to your sides. Now, raise your arms until it equals your shoulder level. Pause for a moment or two and bring them back to the starting position.

4)Barbell Push Press

It targets most of the muscles of the shoulder, chest and triceps. How to do it?-  Gripping the bar with fingertips, standing with feet, shoulder width apart with elbows pointing forward covers the starting position. The bar should rest on your shoulders and do a shallow a squat pressing up using your heels. Lift the bar overhead until the arms are straight. Bring the bar down to the chest to come to the starting position.

Not a gym-person? But, want a sturdy shoulder? Don’t you worry, you are at the perfect place. Check out these cool workouts you can do at home!

Shoulder workout at home!

1)Scap push-ups

It is best for scapular function or the shoulder blades. It also helps to build the core.

How to do it?-  Begin with a high plank position placing your hands directly below your shoulder, keeping your toes touched the floor. Keep your body straight. Keeping the arms extended, squeeze your shoulder blades together as if there is something in between them. Then, bring your knees down and repeat the squeezing.

2)Elevated push-ups

It is best suited for all round strength and core function.

How to do it?-  Begin with a push-up position as you face off from the stairs and keeping your feet on the first stair. Without letting your lower back sag, perform a solid push-up. Gradually increase the number of stairs.

3)Hindu Push-ups

It is Indian wrestlers’ traditional style of stabilising their upper body. This focuses mainly on endurance and flexibility.

How to do it?-  Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and bend down so that you are in a down dog position. Keep your back straight and your head between the shoulders. Then, swing your torso just like the upward facing dog position in yoga. Keep your chest forward. The shoulder blades are squeezed. Pull your torso back to the initial position to start over.

4)Military Press

It is a compound exercise using more than one muscle.

How to do it?-  Just like the previous one, begin with a down dog position. Then, move forward bend your head down touching the ground and come back to the initial position. Fingers are spread over for a tight grip and keep your back straight. Repeat it for a few times.

5)Handstand Push-ups

It is one of the most popular muscle and strength building workout for shoulders. The shoulder, back, arm and chest hold the entire weight of the body.

How to do it?-  As the name suggests, it is the vertical version of the normal push-ups. Begin with a handstand position with your arms stretched out. From this initial position push your body upward. Then, bring your body down bending your arms so that your head slightly touches the ground. Repeat them over for a few times.

26 Dec

Meals are important before a workout because they help build the body during workouts. Before a workout, you need enough vitamins and minerals to stay fit. In order to keep your body working during a workout, it gets necessary to fuel it with the proper amount of nutrition. A person committed to muscle gain or even weight loss needs a proper pre-workout meal. Those who would want to add proteins in their diet can refer to Muscle Fibre Pre-workout supplements such as Fibre Pump. Supplements help in keeping your tummy full and also provides the optimum amount of protein required for muscle building during a workout. It is advised to eat pre-workout food at least 2-3 hours before a workout.

Oatmeal With Fruits And Milk

Since this type of meal contains enough fiber, your body will stay energized and you shall not feel lethargic.  Because of the carbohydrates present in it, your blood sugar level remains stable and there is no sign of nausea. The addition of milk will help to keep your bones stronger, but remember to only use low-fat milk.

Oatmeal with fruits and milk

Energizing Smoothie

Smoothies keep you hydrated and working for hours. Blend your smoothie with healthy yogurt and fruit of your choice and get going for an energizing workout. There are carbohydrates in this healthy drink that will keep you going for hours.

Energizing Smoothie


Only 10 minutes before a workout, you can eat this simple snack.  Its richness in potassium and carbohydrates keeps you energetic and also keeps muscle cramps at bay. Only grab the easy-to-go snack before a workout when you’re in a rush.


Chicken and Rice

 A good combination of protein and carbohydrates will provide ample anabolism. Lean chicken and rice serve as this combination and a minimum of 2-3 hours before a workout is recommended. The amino acids in it provide sufficient energy to last longer hours.

chicken and rice

Sweet Potato and Brown Rice

This combination of food provides complex carbohydrates that help in repairing and building muscles during a workout. To people who practice intensive exercises, carbohydrates are recommended. It is always recommended to have at least 3 hours ahead of this sort of pre-workout meal.

Sweet Potato and Brown Rice

Protein Shakes

All those who want to add to their body some extra muscles should add protein shakes to their pre-workout meal. Protein shakes help keep the tummy healthy and one hour before a workout can be eaten. This pre-workout meal keeps you fit and helps in repairing the tissues during rigorous exercises.

Protein Shakes

Dried fruits

 Before a workout, you can have another quick snack of almonds, raisins, figs, and apricots. Dried fruits are appropriately carbohydrate that can be easily digested. If you’re in a rush for the gym, this easy snack will keep you active during and after the workout.

Dried fruits

Fibre Pump

This pre-workout supplement by Muscle Fibre is suggested for all those who perform strenuous exercise. The amino acids in this assist in any muscle injury recovery. This is a BCAA supplement that promotes muscle growth during a workout and boosts strength. For a better taste, orange flavor was added to the supplement.

Fibre Pump

Make sure you keep yourself hydrated throughout the day especially when you are working out. Drink at least 2-3 cups of water 1 hr before a workout so that you don’t feel drained out.

To keep yourself fit avoid taking extra fat and oily food as it takes longer time to digest and you shall not be able to lose weight or build muscles.

24 Dec

Well, here we are with another blog for you fitness freaks, on how to increase biceps? The following blog is written keeping in mind the body type of both men and women. Each fitness freak dreams of having the perfect physique, but only a professional trick is the right way to get it. Today we bring to you a few easy steps on how to make biceps. Today, without professional training any common man can get it. Instead of sticking to the same weight, the aim is to gradually increase the weight. The same weight only gets your muscles adapted to it and the size of your arms remain the same. 

 The body may seem extremely good, but on the biceps, you would like to add some extra inches. How do you do that? Well, we are here to put some extra information on how to get bigger arms? 

Following are certain exercises that will help you grow your biceps. 


You can do a basic dumbbell bicep curl either by sitting or standing, but your body should be straight. Make sure your elbow is close to the side of your body and palms facing full-face. Now as you lift your arms, exhale and flex your biceps. Hang on for a moment and then drop your arms slowly. Do five sets of 12 rounds each. You can do each set with a different dumbbell from heavier to lighter. Make sure you take at least 30 seconds to a 1-minute rest between each set.


This exercise too can be done by either standing or sitting. Make sure your body is straight. Hold a dumbbell with both your arms and slowly extend it upwards. Bending your elbows now slowly lower the dumbbell behind your head. Now get back to the start position and repeat. Do at least 5 sets of this exercise with 12 rounds each. Take 30 seconds to a minute rest at interval of each set.


When you hold a Barbell, make sure you balance it and not hold it too far or too close from either of your hands. Now slowly lift up your arms, bend those biceps, bring it to the top. Now bring it down flexing your triceps. Do this for 8 times and you can increase the rounds as it becomes easier. Do at least 3 sets each for better results. The exercise should be done accurately with your arms straight as it’s down and bends fully when it goes up for better performance.


Stand straight holding dumbbells in your hands, palm facing your body. Now, while exhaling and flexing your biceps, lift the dumbbells up to your shoulder, pause for a moment and then slowly lower it down. Perform 8 rounds in 3 sets each. Make sure to take at least 30 seconds to 1-minute rest in between sets.


Hammer curl can be done with a rope on a cable machine. Make sure your body is absolutely straight when picking up the weight in a hammer position with the elbow near the body, now wait for a moment before you bring the weights down slowly. The hammer curl puts tension on your arms and helps in increasing your biceps. You can do 3 sets of each 10 rounds at first.


You have to do this exercise sitting on a bench. Spread your legs as you touch the ground flat on your feet. Now pick the dumbbell and put the upper arm on your thighs with your right arm and lift the dumbbell up slowly. Flex your biceps as you breathe out. Now bring the dumbbells back to the starting position while breathing in. Repeat this exercise at least 8 rounds. Do at least 3 sets each but make sure you take 30 seconds to 1-minute rest between each set. Then repeat the exercise with your left arm.

A proper diet with a disciplined workout will help to tone your muscles. Despite adequate dietary protein and carbohydrate content, the workout you’re doing won’t make a big difference. Chicken and fish are the best sources of protein, while almonds, black beans, broccoli, cauliflower, rice, guava, peas, and chickpeas are the primary source of protein for vegetarians.

24 Dec

A well-built muscular physique is nothing but a challenge in today’s sedentary lifestyle. Everyone wants a perfect body, but very few possess the will to buckle down to achieve it. If you are one of those very few, you certainly deserve the best to guide you on your journey. Muscle Fibre India acts as your torchbearer and helps you in achieving the Herculean build you have always aspired to have. Your search for authentic dietary supplements comes to an end with our company, the fastest-growing store for sports dietary supplements. Behind Muscle Fibre is a bunch of highly dedicated professionals bent on procuring the finest dietary supplements for all the fitness freaks out there.

Since you have already embarked on the expedition to becoming the best version of yourself, you must have been introduced to the essential role whey protein plays in achieving a healthy and sound body. Whey protein is a must-have supplement to ensure proper supply of protein to your body. A source of essential amino acids, whey protein is extracted from cow’s milk through a variety of processing methods. From improving immunity and liver-function to reducing stress and blood pressure, whey protein is indubitably a cardinal supplement that all fitness ninjas need. But finding a supplement of the finest quality is in itself fatiguing. Thanks to the myriads of adulterated replicas bulkily available in the market! But to ease the burden of your shoulder, our company is here with its range of premier quality products that are clinically tested before being available for the customers. Muscle Fibre India ensures 100% authenticity of its products abiding by the guidelines of FSSAI and NSF. Our whey protein is rated best as per consumers and experts reviews and ratings out of dozens of brands.

 Our company takes pride in presenting Muscle Fibre Whey Protein – an imperative supplement to boost your body-building process. To feast your taste buds, the product is available in chocolate flavor. Besides being of the best quality, the whey protein offered by us is available at the best price for the consumers. Considering the various other options available at unreasonable prices, the whey protein offered by our company is not going to cost you the earth. We are solely concerned with the interests of our consumers; thus, we bring you a kind of whey protein the quality of which is of par excellence.

 Whey protein reduces your appetite and increases your protein intake which maximizes your muscle size and keeps your muscle healthy. Muscle fibre whey protein is the most effective and less expensive way to include protein in your diet.  In-depth Research and innovation go into making the products at our organization. The logistic partners we deal with ensure the safe delivery of the products to the customers. Your dream of getting that perfect physique is no more a mirage now. Go and grab it with Muscle Fibre.

21 Dec

Did you join the gym with the dream of getting the perfectly chiseled chest of great personalities like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Dwayne Johnson? But after spending months doing the rigorous work on your pectoral muscles aka pecs, all that you have met with is a disappointment. Well, if you are one of those, then the time has come to say goodbye to your dismay. With this article, we bring to you some of the best chest exercises which, if you do the right way, can help you carve the muscular chest you have once dreamt of having.

Before you start working out on your chest, you need to have a basic understanding of its anatomy. Two muscles, namely pectoralis major and pectoralis minor, make up the chest. Being the largest muscles in the chest, these are supported by several smaller muscles including the ones located on the sides of the chest and around the shoulders. To make the work out bear fruits for your chest, you must include a couple of these exercises in your chest workout regime:

  • Incline barbell and dumbbell bench press, or incline dumbbell flyes for your upper chest workout.
  • Flat barbell and dumbbell bench press or flat dumbbell flyes for your middle chest workout.
  • Decline barbell and dumbbell bench press or decline dumbbell flyes for your lower chest workout.

Always consult a trainer to ensure that a good program with proper form is being followed by you. Start with lower weight and gradually make progress to save yourself from injuries. Depending on your goal and level, do the number of reps and sets. Try 1-3 sets of 8-12 reps if you are a new or intermediate lifter and 3-6 sets of 1-12 reps if seasoned lifters of weight at the higher end of your one-rep max for those with the goal of increasing size. To increase strength, try 1-3 sets of 8-12 reps for new or intermediate lifters or 2-6 sets of 1-8 reps for seasoned lifters, of a weight that is around 60-80% of your max. Make sure you rest for 1-2 minutes with more reps and up to 3 minutes for higher weight and lower rep sets.

1. Barbell Bench Press

This is considered to be the best chest workout for which you need a barbell. This allows you to increase strength and generate a lot of power. To do this, settle yourself on a bench with arched back to allow space between the bench and your lower back. Place the bar over your chin or upper chest keeping your elbows and wrists straight. Inhale while gradually lowering the bar until it touches your chest. Then, exhale and push the bar up.

Barbell Bench Press

2.  Pushups

Pushups help in strengthening the chest, arms, and shoulders. But it is very important to do it in the correct form if you want them to work for your body. With your hands under your shoulder, get into the position keeping your entire body straight and core braced. Now, lower your body slowly, keeping elbows near your torso, until your chest touches the floor. Next, lift your body to the pushup position.


3.  Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

This exercise, which involves working on the muscles from different degrees of incline angles, helps to build them thoroughly. Position yourself on an adjustable bench set at a 45O incline. Keeping your arms straight and palms turned towards your feet, hold a pair of dumbbells above your chest. Lower the dumbbells to the level of your chest, and push them back to the initial position.

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

4.   Dips for chest

A great alternative to the decline press, dips for chest work on your pecs. You need parallel bars for this exercise. Begin by holding your body at arm’s length above the bars. While inhaling, bring your body down gradually with torso bending forward around 300 and elbows expanded slightly. The moment you feel the stretch in your chest, use your chest to bring the body back to the initial position while exhaling.

Dips for chest

5.    Bent Forward Cable Crossover

To start this exercise, position yourself between two cable stations and grasp the handles with arms straightened out and facing inward. Keep your hands below your shoulders and elbows bent. Now, bring your hands together out in front of your chest and extend your arms. Then, bring your arms back to the starting position with control.

Cable Crossover

6.   Pec Deck

A great exercise that doesn’t need you to balance any weights, pec deck activates your pectoralis major in the same way as bench press does. Begin by keeping your feet flat on the floor, at least shoulder-width apart. Now, lift your arms until they reach the level of your shoulder with your back firmly against the seat. Position your elbows on the center of the pad on the wings of the machine. Smoothly and slowly, push the wings together and halt just before they touch. Go back to the initial position slowly.

Pec Deck
21 Dec

A simple form of carbohydrate, glucose is the essential power source for the brain and the nervous system. Glucose, along with the fats, provides the body with the fuel required for its proper functioning. Since it plays a crucial role in body cells, the level of glucose in the blood is maintained with the help of various hormones like insulin, the task of which is to direct the flow of glucose into cells, and glucagon and epinephrine, which fetch glucose from storage. Our body gets glucose from cereals, vegetables, fruits, and milk products. No sooner do we start eating, than our body starts processing glucose from the food taking the help of enzymes.  Given the multiple benefits of glucose, Muscle Fibre India presents Muscle Fibre Glucose, a product specially manufactured to meet the glucose needs of the human body.  The product fulfills the bodily demands of the nutrients and minerals needed when extremely exhausted and fatigued.

Benefits of Muscle Fibre Glucose

Enumerated below are some of the glucose benefits that you must know :

  • After spending several hours working out in the gym, glucose is what you need to help you in the muscle recovery. During the strenuous gym sessions, the body breaks down carbohydrate to glucose to use it as an energy source. Tiredness and dizziness may result if the blood glucose falls down the normal levels.
  • To maintain the body temperature which may rise above the normal levels during the hot summer days, glucose is all that your body demands.
  • The glucose offered by our company is a source of instant energy and immediately rejuvenates an exhausted body.

As the saying goes that excess of everything is bad. Likewise, it is important not to consume glucose in excess as it may result in increased levels of sugar in the blood. High blood sugar levels can have threatening impacts on your body. Several other side-effects include heart disease, depression, blindness, skin infection, colic pain, extravasations, severe depression. Thus, you must refrain from excessive consumption of glucose. Our body, by default, performs the function of maintaining the levels of blood glucose. This necessitates the fact that blood glucose levels need to be maintained within the normal range. Low levels of glucose in the blood may lead to serious diseases like hypoglycemia. One may experience frequent fits of unconsciousness.

Our company recommends you to consume not more than two spoonfuls of glucose in a day. It is also advised to consult a physician regarding its dosage.

Following are the ways to consume glucose offered by our company:

  • The product is available in powdered form in the market.
  • Two spoonfuls of glucose in a glass of chilled water is all that you need to energize your body.
  • You are advised to take glucose every second day, or every ten days in a month to avoid its excessive consumption.

Prescribed dosage:

After a workout, you can have glucose to get instant energy. However, you must not take glucose before a workout as it may result in increased blood sugar levels. Also, if you are trying to lose weight, then you must not use glucose  after or before a workout.


 Glucose must not be consumed with any alcoholic drinks as it may have several side-effects.

  • Diabetic patients are strongly advised not to consume Glucose without consulting a health physician.

Muscle Fibre India, one of the leading brands of India, brings to you its wide range of sports dietary supplements. We guarantee 100 % authenticity of the products. The team of highly dedicated professionals, behind our company, endeavors to bring you the finest quality products which undergo several laboratory tests guided by the standard of FSSAI and NSF guidelines. One such tested and the verified product is glucose offered by our company which takes care of your body and mind. You do not need to feel tired throughout the day post strenuous gym sessions as the glucose that our company offers gives you instant energy and invigorates your fatigued body. To avail all such health benefits, all you need to do is to click Add to Cart and shop from our online store. 

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12 Dec

Get the most from Muscle Fibre India products that accelerate your workout progress.

It gets very difficult to decide as to which supplement is the best. It has always been suggested however the intake of nutrition from food itself but owing to the adulterated products in the market it becomes necessary for fitness freaks to take an additional nutritional supplement. Muscle Fibre India provides clinically approved supplements best suited for athletes. The content is tested at every stage of its production providing 100% authenticity. Gym goers can rely on it blindly without giving a second thought. Every fitness freak knows the importance of supplements, but recognizing a good supplement is the skill of an expert.

Protein is the most necessary item to be taken after working out as it contains amino acids that help in repairing and building muscles. They also help in making stronger metabolism of the body. Whey Gold by Muscle Fibre provides all those ingredients required for repairing the tissue.

Muscle Fiber is the only supplement brand in India that provides articles for fitness freaks along with supplements. Every fitness freak wishes to have a good physique with lean muscle mass. Excessive training can take away the nutrients and vitamin from their body, therefore it becomes necessary for supplement intake. Other products by Muscle Fibre are respectively Muscle Fibre Glucose (lemon-lime flavor) and Muscle Fibre Pre Workout (orange flavor). These are the supplements that have been approved by our team of experts and are highly recommended for fitness enthusiasts. Athletes are coached by highly professional trainers or coaches, and with their vast knowledge and support, our company has manufactured its products. It has been proven that supplements help in filling the gaps in your nutrition that help in maintaining good health, performance, and physique.

Fitness freaks start their day with workouts and every conversation they have is about their workout regimes. They stick by their motto that is “consistency”, and give their soul and heart to reach their goal. They believe in smaller meals and have it in intervals five times a day. This helps in keeping the metabolism strong and maintaining their build. It is always necessary to avoid processed food as they take a longer time to break down and digest. The Fitness Calculator on our website is the best gift for such fitness admirers.

Various illegal supplement companies sell their products online, these may cause harmful effects on your health or in some cases to cause even slow death. It is always necessary to choose the right supplement. Muscle Fibre India provides supplements that are manufactured based on FSSAI and NSF guidelines. Gym goers are strictly suggested to take the amount of supplement mentioned in the product for better results and not go further than that. Getting a perfect body takes years and not days, so all the athletes must be rigid with their diet and workout plans. Muscle Fibre will be providing more articles for workout plans and supplements, till then stay fit, stay healthy.

12 Dec

Are you worried about the bulky abdominal area? Don’t worry Muscle Fibre India is here at your rescue with these amazing exercises to be done just in 10 minutes. With advancing technologies and services at our doorstep we have become a couch potato not wanting to do any physical activity. Food delivery to grocery shopping to getting a salon service, everything is available at a minimal cost in our comfort zones. This has made us lethargic and has gotten us with a rather unimpressive posture. Therefore it is very important to add at least a 10-minute workout in our daily routine. Muscle Fibre here talks about easy to do exercises without any gym equipment. Starting with the abdominal area, stronger abs help in building a good posture and can also relieve back pain which is quite in vogue these days amongst people from every walks of life. It is also recommended to add the Muscle Fibre supplements in your diet for better results. Let us get started!!!!


Lie down on the mat with your knees bent but feet touching the ground. Place your hands on the back of your head and lift your upper body to touch the knee. This may seem difficult at first. Do at least 10 rounds of this exercise.



This is a very easy exercise that looks like you are climbing a mountain. It helps in building not only your abs but also makes your arms and legs stronger. Get into a pushup position on your mat without bending your body. Then start by alternately lifting your knee to your chest. Do 10 rounds with each leg. 

mountain climbing


This exercise is similar to crunches except that your feet do not touch the ground and are in a bent position. Lift one knee and bend a little so that your opposite elbow touches the knee. Repeat the exercise for 10 rounds with each knee. 

bicycle crunch


Come back to push up position. Make sure your hands are straight down to your shoulders. Now slowly lift your right leg till it squeezes your glutes then put it down. Do this exercise for 10 rounds each lifting your legs alternatively.

leg raise plank


This exercise is to be done in a sitting position. Bend your back a little and lift your knees. Make sure your feet are not touching the mat. Now slowly twist your body towards your left and then towards your right. Repeat this exercise for 10 rounds on each side.

russian twists


This exercise seems too easy to do but has great pressure on the arms and abs. Get into your push up position but this time bend your elbow so that the elbow to your wrist touches the mat. Now hold on to that position for 20 seconds. 


Do at least three sets each of the exercise mentioned above. Take a one minute gap between sets for better results. Muscle Fibre believes that “grinding today will give you a healthy tomorrow”.

11 Dec

In a world with a fast-paced lifestyle and generally unhealthy food habits, self-improvement can be hard without a lot of discipline and the right help from dietary supplements. These products add nutrition that you may not be receiving in your regular diet. Supplements are also a great option if you’re looking for the right nutrition to build up some muscle. If you’re interested in a healthier, fitter life, head to the Muscle fibre supplement store and check out our products!

Here are some key benefits of dietary supplements:

They add to your diet: The role of these products is to “supplement”, after all. For instance, if you are suffering from any vitamin or mineral deficiencies due to certain medical conditions, dietary supplements can be a very good option for you. Multivitamin supplements have been known to be extremely effective, helping the body to process other materials such as calcium or iron. They improve bodily functions and keep vital organs strong and healthy. They can also be a boon to vegetarians who are interested in bodybuilding. For example, not all the right proteins can be found in many vegetarian sources. But thanks to whey protein supplements, this can easily be done.

What is whey protein?

Whey protein contains all the essential amino acids required for your body and is extracted from milk during the process of manufacturing cheese. It can be an effective substitute for other protein rich foods such as meat, egg or fish. Even non-vegetarians who use Muscle fibre India’s whey protein will find themselves at a significant advantage, since they can be an excellent post-workout food in the form of powder or shakes(using skim milk), and get easily absorbed for direct impact to the muscles. Whey protein is available in three main forms, ranked on its effectiveness for bodybuilders:

  1. Whey Hydrolysate
  2. Whey Isolate
  3. Whey Concentrate

Of the above three, whey hydrolysate is the type of protein most effective for bodybuilders. It gets absorbed into the body fast and gives a quick, restorative boost to your muscles. Muscle fibre provides a range of premium quality whey that is perfect for gaining muscle.

Whey protein supplements tackle muscle decline that comes with age: Ageing can lead to the degeneration and loss of muscle tissue, replaced by unhealthy fat cells, leading to the possibility of many heart-related diseases among others. A strong protein diet that includes whey can partially or even completely prevent these effects for a considerable length of time. Keep a consistent workout schedule along with this, and the debilitating effects of ageing can be held at bay for years.

It is proven that whey protein is far more effective than other kinds of protein such as soy or casein. In fact, it is highly advised that one should not take casein post-workout, since it can slow down the absorption of more effective proteins such as whey. Whey protein also lowers blood pressure, reducing the risk of lifestyle conditions such as hypertension.

11 Dec

You may have heard that bodybuilding is an extremely difficult task. It requires dedication, regular exercise and diet schedules as well as the proper use of sports supplements that provide you with the best types of protein and other bodybuilding superfoods. In truth, you could follow certain tips and make choices that make the whole experience rewarding and healthy, with quicker results. Muscle Fibre India, with high-quality products in its “Fibre” product line, is specifically meant for athletes and bodybuilders who need the best nutrition available to reach their serious bodybuilding goals.

Here are some tips for those planning to build some good muscle!

Smart Dieting

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is worth repeating that a good diet is the base of a good bodybuilding plan. Remember to include protein rich foods often in your diet- pulses do provide a considerable amount of protein, but also think about other foods such as skim milk (with 0.1% fat), yoghurt, soya milk, eggs or seafood, an excellent source of omega-3 protein. If you’re hungry in between meals and craving for fat-rich foods, it would be good to develop a habit of snacking on 2-3 nuts every two hours or so. A regular habit of drinking whey protein shakes, especially after workout sessions is highly recommended in order to make the best out of your bodybuilding plan. Vegetarians no longer have to be at a disadvantage when it comes to gaining that much-needed protein. Muscle Fibre’s Premium Whey Protein (Gold), uses the purest and best grade of protein having a continued reputation of reproducing clinically proven results.

Quality Sleep

Sleep is the much-neglected component in a bodybuilding plan. Taking the time to find the perfect sleep schedule for yourself pays off in dividends. There are many factors that affect the sleep you get. Exposure to too much light and screen time right before sleep and the intake of foods rich in caffeine are all factors that affect the quality of sleep. Keep in mind that the number of hours you sleep will become less important the more your sleep quality improves. A period of sound sleep lasting four hours will make your day much better than a troubled or disturbed sleep duration of seven hours. Make sure that you don’t use your phone, laptop or television at least an hour before sleep. Having foods rich in a kind of amino acid called tryptophan (present in foods like bananas and milk) before sleep can improve your sleep quality. All of this maintains your body metabolism at an optimal, stable level that makes it suitable for bodybuilding.

The Right Exercise

Without exercise, good sleep and a good diet can possibly all go to waste. One needs to know more about what kind of body they have, what exercises are required to reach the dream figure, and how long it will take to get there. The most important thing about working out is that you keep it steady. Dropping out after a few enthusiastic days will not do. Burning out after intense sessions with no warm ups are also not cool, because there is a high chance you could be burning away muscle tissue along with your fat. In addition, the postures for exercises need to be perfected and only then practiced regularly, since the wrong posture may result in harmful effects such as unwanted body ache and nausea. Deliberately pick workouts that specifically target muscle mass gain. Simple weight loss programs are not ideal for those who are planning to take up bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding is a process that is transformational and deeply satisfying. Choose your favourite Muscle Fibre product and get on it!

11 Mar

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