Beginner Ab Workout

December 12, 2019 / Blog
Beginner Ab Workout

Are you worried about the bulky abdominal area? Don’t worry Muscle Fibre India is here at your rescue with these amazing exercises to be done just in 10 minutes. With advancing technologies and services at our doorstep we have become a couch potato not wanting to do any physical activity. Food delivery to grocery shopping to getting a salon service, everything is available at a minimal cost in our comfort zones. This has made us lethargic and has gotten us with a rather unimpressive posture. Therefore it is very important to add at least a 10-minute workout in our daily routine. Muscle Fibre here talks about easy to do exercises without any gym equipment. Starting with the abdominal area, stronger abs help in building a good posture and can also relieve back pain which is quite in vogue these days amongst people from every walks of life. It is also recommended to add the Muscle Fibre supplements in your diet for better results. Let us get started!!!!


Lie down on the mat with your knees bent but feet touching the ground. Place your hands on the back of your head and lift your upper body to touch the knee. This may seem difficult at first. Do at least 10 rounds of this exercise.



This is a very easy exercise that looks like you are climbing a mountain. It helps in building not only your abs but also makes your arms and legs stronger. Get into a pushup position on your mat without bending your body. Then start by alternately lifting your knee to your chest. Do 10 rounds with each leg. 

mountain climbing


This exercise is similar to crunches except that your feet do not touch the ground and are in a bent position. Lift one knee and bend a little so that your opposite elbow touches the knee. Repeat the exercise for 10 rounds with each knee. 

bicycle crunch


Come back to push up position. Make sure your hands are straight down to your shoulders. Now slowly lift your right leg till it squeezes your glutes then put it down. Do this exercise for 10 rounds each lifting your legs alternatively.

leg raise plank


This exercise is to be done in a sitting position. Bend your back a little and lift your knees. Make sure your feet are not touching the mat. Now slowly twist your body towards your left and then towards your right. Repeat this exercise for 10 rounds on each side.

russian twists


This exercise seems too easy to do but has great pressure on the arms and abs. Get into your push up position but this time bend your elbow so that the elbow to your wrist touches the mat. Now hold on to that position for 20 seconds. 


Do at least three sets each of the exercise mentioned above. Take a one minute gap between sets for better results. Muscle Fibre believes that “grinding today will give you a healthy tomorrow”.

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