The Best Back Workout you can get

January 3, 2020 / Blog
The Best Back Workout you can get

Why back exercises are important

With the schedule and the overall life of people nowadays getting more and more hectic, the exertion on a person’s body as well gets more and more. With the load on your body and the time period that your body has to operate for steadily increasing with the increasing workloads today, it becomes more and more imminent that you back which takes most of the load for the day, has more and more of a chance of getting injured. With the continuous working of the back, it constantly wears out until it may lead to pain among other problems for your back, Thus, it becomes all the more important to get yourself and your back ready for the day with the best back exercises for the day you can get.

What the workout will do for you

If you correctly follow the steps and the complete exercises we provide, you can be assured that you are getting the best back workout. This is not only limited to your back though, as this whole routine doesn’t just help your back to get stronger it also helps your overall physique making you fundamentally stronger from the base, and pushes you into a healthy culture and lifestyle, which will help you to further exercise and make your body feel even better.

You may find that following this routine may also boost you towards following exercises not only for the back but for the whole body as it makes you feel better. It opens your mind to the whole culture of keeping your body and mind healthy, which pushes you forward to a better lifestyle helping keep you fresh and going for the whole day.

The workout

These are the steps you have to follow to get the best back workouts to get your day started. This workout isn’t limited to strengthening your back for day-to-day work but also makes it look great in the process.

1) Renegade Row

This row is to maximize the utility of a position to its highest.  For this, a pair of dumbbells are used while you assume the position of a push-up, with one dumbbell in each hand. Now, as you perform a push-up when you reach the highest point, take one hand and perform a row, and then on the next push up, use the other hand.

2) Band Bent-Over Row

For this you need a band of low resistance, stand on its middle and grab one end of the band with each hand with an overhand grip. Now, bend your back and pull the bands at specific intervals including alternating pulling as close as the band allows to your chest and relaxing. Working against the band’s resistance allows you to strengthen your back.

3) Inverted Row

This is known to be especially good for the back, considering the work it makes the back do. For this, place a bar at around the height of your hip on a power rack. Lower your body to the ground, grab the bar with your hand with an overhand grip, with your hands directly above your shoulders. The rep is started by pulling your shoulder blades back. Fully extend your legs and pull the bar in order to lift your chest to the bar.

4) Chest Supported Dumbbell Row

For this, you have to sit on an incline bench with your chest facing the bench. Grab dumbbells in either hand with a neutral grip. Keep your chest strong and let your arms hang. Now back is squeezed as the weight is pulled into the hips with elbows being bent at 90 degrees.

5) Dumbbell Single Arm Row

Only one dumbbell is needed here. Place the dumbbell on the floor on the side at which you choose to work. Now mount the bench while putting your weight on the opposite knee and hand. Put the same side leg on the ground firmly and pick the dumbbell from the freehand and alternatively pulling it to the side of your torso, waiting for a count and then lowering the weight to the starting position.

6) Deadlift

For this, load a barbell and roll it up against your shins. Now, you have to bend both your knees and hip and grab the barbell with an overhand grip. All this is done, while your hands are at near shoulder width. Now, keeping your lower back arched, try to pull up your torso, while thrusting your hips ahead as you stand with your barbell. Lower the bar and repeat.

Thus, these are the best back workout in gym you can implement to strengthen your back preventing any injury or pain.

7). Pull-Ups

 A back and biceps pull-up exercise can be performed anywhere in the gym or outside where there is a bar just above your head. Your hands are meant to be apart while you hold the bar. Make sure not to touch the ground with your feet. Now pull your body up slowly with all your strength until your chin is above the bar, get down to the starting position. Do at least 8-10 pull-ups at first, then as it becomes easier you can raise the rounds. Pull-ups are the best back and bicep workout.

8). Close Grip Pull Down

Sit on a bench that faces a cable bar. Keep your legs in a position of 90 degrees near the cable machine where a pad is located. Now stretch out your arms and form a fine grip on the cable handle. Make sure not to separate your hands too much from each other. Now slowly pull the handle down to the upright position of your chest. Now release the tension slowly as you raise your arms slightly bent to the elbows. For 5-6 rounds, repeat this. This exercise puts pressure on your back to make them solid, including the biceps.

9). T-Bar Row

 The T-Bar Row exercise is the easiest to do if you want to strengthen your back without injury. Put the right weight on the bar to be lifted. Now stand over the bar and hang around the bar a handle row belt. Now at shoulder level, keep your legs slightly apart and bend your knees slowly lift the bar. You have to pull the weight to the upper abdomen. Return now to the starting position. This exercise will put pressure on your back, abdomen, and biceps, which will make it stronger.

10). Cable Row

 This exercise primarily improves the strength of your back and arms. It is done only opposite a cable machine in a seated position. Sit on the bench as you grab the cable’s end. You should bend your knees and put your arms straight. Pull the handle to the lower abdomen without bending the leg. Let the handle return to the same location, repeat for 8-10 rounds now. This is a perfect way to get back wider and better.

11). Pull Over

 This exercise is carried out on a bench in a lying position. It can be achieved with either a barbell or a dumbbell. Keep your knees bent while your shoulders are flexing. Now with your elbows slightly bent, lift the weight above your chest. Take the weight parallel to the ground at the back of your head. Move to the same spot and repeat 8-10 rounds or more. Pull over is more effective for the upper back muscle.

The Workout is not all you have to do

Remember that whenever you are participating in a workout of any nature, it should always be accompanied by a diet and a proper lifestyle for the workout. Depending on the workout you decide to participate in, it uses up some specific nutrients for your body, thus it is important to keep your body’s stock of those nutrients in order, for you to not feel exhausted or seeped out due to the workout. Thus, a diet needs to be followed in parallel to your workout in order to prevent you from lacking the nutrients being used up for the workout so you can feel ready for any situation you face.

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