Athlete Diet Plan

Athlete Diet Plan

Keeping a healthy routine is necessary for all however athletes to need to stick more to it for keeping up the pace with their workouts. A healthy body needs the right amount of calories and a proper athlete diet plan. The optimum amount of nutrients provides strength and stamina in the body. Since they practice intense training, therefore, it becomes necessary to prepare a diet chart for athletes. By just doing training your body won’t work properly you need proper food to make it go. Muscle Fibre has therefore introduced articles for all those who want to gain most out of your workout regime. The proper diet plan for runners has been drawn up for athletes to follow. Your body has a tendency to shed those nutrients while working out so you need to fill them with more. You can also supplement it with products by Muscle Fibre India since it becomes difficult to attain all the nutrients from food.

Hydrate Your Body

First and foremost all those doing rigorous exercise should keep their body hydrated. Water is important, as the body continues to consume the volume that has already been processed. Apart from water adding fruits and veggies that have enough water content also counts. You should supplement your diet with oranges watermelons, radishes, spinach, and dates. They provide the maximum amount of water the body needs. This helps to make you feel fresh and healthy too. To stay fit, athletes must drink about 1 ounce per body weight in a day.


Enough Nutrients and Supplements

Intense training tends to require more amount of nutrients, therefore, the optimum amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats should be added to the diet. Carbohydrates provide the best amount of energy to the body so athletes should add brown rice, quinoa, and vegetables for it. Sometimes our body tends to use all the energy from carbohydrates and turn towards fat for more. Therefore it gets necessary to add fat-related food such as nuts, avocado, vegetable oil to your diet to keep on running. However, avoid taking fats on the day of your performance. Protein provides energy to the body as well as extra muscles. Meat and fish contain the optimum amount of protein and for those who cannot take these can add Whey Protein by Muscle Fibre to their diet to gain the benefits. Protein helps relieve muscle soreness and rebuild them after strength training.

Breakfast Meal

The first meal of the day is most important as it helps in providing energy for the day. Though the diet plan may vary from person to person owing to the preferences and training the standard diet is almost the same for all. Oatmeal, eggs, pancakes, whole wheat bread, low-fat milk and fruit as an antioxidant is the necessary meal for the body. If you do your training early in the morning it gets difficult to have a breakfast meal, in that case you can take a quick snack like a banana with low-fat milk or even a handful of nuts.

Snacks For The Run

The body needs more healthy food to keep it going the whole day. The time between two meals is when you should be taking a healthy snack. You should add yogurt fruits to your snacks. The energy bar also helps because it keeps you full and also provides sufficient energy.

Lunch Meal

A mixture of carbs and proteins is required at noontime meal. If you’re training on that particular day, that becomes necessary. Carbs and protein help to restore energy and to repair wounded muscles. It will also provide the endurance power needed for the training session. Brown rice may be added to the diet, along with meat or fish. Vegans should stick to brown rice leafy vegetables, or even take a chickpea vegetable salad.

Dinner Meal

After a day’s training the dinner calls for lightweight but sufficient energy food. Make sure you take the dinner three hours before you go to sleep. The suitable time is from 7-8 pm. You can take green veggies with brown rice again, or add lean meat instead of the veggies. A little yogurt bowl with steamed vegetables. Ensure that you don’t eat too much as it can hamper your sleep. Better food allows for better sleep.


Apart from food athletes also require supplements as they do not get enough nutrition to form their everyday diet. Supplements like Whey Protein, BCAA, Creatine, Electrolyte, and Caffeine. You will find these ingredients in supplements by Muscle Fibre which are easily available on their website at affordable prices. Whey protein can be taken in the form of a shake or can even be added in your breakfast oatmeal. Whey provides essential amino acids that are required by the body to boost metabolism. You can take whey protein shake 30 minutes before or after a workout. Muscle Fibre Pre-Workout too can be taken 30 minutes before your training. It adds extra energy to the body and provides endurance power. Muscle Fibre Glucose contains electrolyte and other essential ingredients that recover the body from the loss of energy during training. It can be taken during training pr after that to fill the body with a spark of energy.

Things To Acknowledge

  • Take proper rest during the training and performance phase The optimal amount of sleep helps the body remain energized all day long. The body needs a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep to keep it running.
  • Always take recommendations from your coach or trainer for a diet plan as they may know your body type and the training routine you would be following.
  • Do not overeat something already listed above. Sticking to a certain amount is very important to get a better result.
  • Meditation is also necessary as it helps to focus and relieves body stress of any kind.
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