A simple form of carbohydrate, glucose is the essential power source for the brain and the nervous system. Glucose, along with the fats, provides the body with the fuel required for its proper functioning. Since it plays a crucial role in body cells, the level of glucose in the blood is maintained with the help of various hormones like insulin, the task of which is to direct the flow of glucose into cells, and glucagon and epinephrine, which fetch glucose from storage. Our body gets glucose from cereals, vegetables, fruits, and milk products. No sooner do we start eating, than our body starts processing glucose from the food taking the help of enzymes.  Given the multiple benefits of glucoseMuscle Fibre India presents Muscle Fibre Glucose, a product specially manufactured to meet the glucose needs of the human body.  The product fulfills the bodily demands of the nutrients and minerals needed when extremely exhausted and fatigued.



Enumerated below are some of the glucose benefits that you must know :

  • After spending several hours working out in the gym, glucose is what you need to help you in the muscle recovery. During the strenuous gym sessions, the body breaks down carbohydrate to glucose to use it as an energy source. Tiredness and dizziness may result if the blood glucose falls down the normal levels.
  • To maintain the body temperature which may rise above the normal levels during the hot summer days, glucose is all that your body demands.
  • The glucose offered by our company is a source of instant energy and immediately rejuvenates an exhausted body.

As the saying goes that excess of everything is bad. Likewise, it is important not to consume glucose in excess as it may result in increased levels of sugar in the blood. High blood sugar levels can have threatening impacts on your body. Several other side-effects include heart disease, depression, blindness, skin infection, colic pain, extravasations, severe depression. Thus, you must refrain from excessive consumption of glucose. Our body, by default, performs the function of maintaining the levels of blood glucose. This necessitates the fact that blood glucose levels need to be maintained within the normal range. Low levels of glucose in the blood may lead to serious diseases like hypoglycemia. One may experience frequent fits of unconsciousness.

Our company recommends you to consume not more than two spoonfuls of glucose in a day. It is also advised to consult a physician regarding its dosage.

Following are the ways to consume glucose offered by our company:

  • The product is available in powdered form in the market.
  • Two spoonfuls of glucose in a glass of chilled water is all that you need to energize your body.
  • You are advised to take glucose every second day, or every ten days in a month to avoid its excessive consumption.


After a workout, you can have glucose to get instant energy. However, you must not take glucose before a workout as it may result in increased blood sugar levels. Also, if you are trying to lose weight, then you must not use glucose  after or before a workout.


 Glucose must not be consumed with any alcoholic drinks as it may have several side-effects.

  • Diabetic patients are strongly advised not to consume Glucose without consulting a health physician.

Muscle Fibre India, one of the leading brands of India, brings to you its wide range of sports dietary supplements. We guarantee 100 % authenticity of the products. The team of highly dedicated professionals, behind our company, endeavors to bring you the finest quality products which undergo several laboratory tests guided by the standard of FSSAI and NSF guidelines. One such tested and the verified product is glucose offered by our company which takes care of your body and mind. You do not need to feel tired throughout the day post strenuous gym sessions as the glucose that our company offers gives you instant energy and invigorates your fatigued body. To avail all such health benefits, all you need to do is to click Add to Cart and shop from our online store. 

Be cautious of the plethora of fake sports dietary supplements available in the market. Such dietary supplements can be addictive and can have harmful impacts on your health. Thus, it is strongly recommended to check for the authenticity of the products before buying. Muscle Fibre is one such trusted brand that you can rely on. It has a tie-up with the Tirupati Wellness, the manufacturing unit of Tirupati group – a widely known establishment for manufacturing nutraceutical products. 

The multiple services that we offer are evident of the importance that we give to our customers. Muscle Fibre nutrition supplements are delivered everywhere in India. It delivers products directly from its warehouse. We provide free shipping facility on all orders. We are solely concerned with the interests of our customers. We value your reviews. So, we are available 24×7 for you on the customer care number available on our website. You can write to us at for any queries and suggestions, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Furthermore, our site has your personal instructor in the form of a fitness calculator for calorie count, body mass index, body fat index, calories burned and one rep max. To help you in maintaining the diet, we have come up with the idea of a fitness calculator. We invite you to try our products of the finest quality and decide for yourself as we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Buy Muscle Fibre Glucose today! Choose a perfect physique, healthy lifestyle and click Add to Cart.

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